By Rand Fishkin , from Moz Blog –

In a way, we often treat our websites like our children. No matter how awful they might be, we rationalize their behavior and tell everyone else how wonderful they are. Those blinders can stop marketing efforts before they even begin.…

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By Pete Prestipino, from ‘Net Features

Google Analytics has changed the terminology used within its reporting system, changing “visits” to “sessions” and “unique visitors” to “users.”

The relatively small change, which has been introduced within the past 24 hours, is an important one as it emphasizes the quality of a user’s experience in a cross-device ecosystem.…

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by Joe Lazauskas, from Inbound Hub –

In 2014, the buzzword game has changed.

“Data” is the new “synergy.”

“Let’s A/B test it” is the new “Let’s circle back on that.”

Overall, this is a good thing. Synergy and circling back usually only result in the appearance of doing work, while intelligently testing techniques and generating actionable data actually helps you accomplish your business goals.…

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By Robyn-Dale Samuda, from BloggingPro –

Email marketing is still a powerful marketing and blog promotion tool despite the changes in the ways we communicate online. Although we’re seeing where social media is rapidly evolving the medium and effectiveness of conversations, email still has a place in reaching responsive audiences and building relationships.…

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By Taylor Corrado, from Inbound Hub –

The traditional forms of acquiring new applicants — direct mail, billboards, paid advertising, prints ads — are no longer working for many K-12 private schools. These methods are not measurable, very expensive, and the ROI is minimal — if not negative.…

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By Patricia Fletcher, from –

The key to connecting? Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Networking is critical to building your business. So is building your own network of relationships without sacrificing your authentic self.

I recently was inspired by a conversation with Judy Robinett, author of “How to be a Power Connector.”…

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