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By Pete Prestipino, from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1AtKU6R

Domain name prices vary – in some cases wildly – from registrar to registrar. Fortunately, there’s at least one service out there that will show you what these registrars are charging their users which could come in handy if you are building a domain portfolio (or simply want to get the lowest price).…

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By ,Daniel Weisbeck from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1kIWMZS

Every now and then companies tell me that their mobile Web traffic is still too low for them to prioritize it over the traditional PC Web. While few can doubt that the latter is still prevalent among customers, in reality, many brands are experiencing low traffic due to the poor user experience afforded to those accessing via a mobile device. …

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BY Abigail Tracy, from Inc.com – http://bit.ly/1o4CwV8

According to a new report, branded content on the photo-sharing service yields greater user-engagement rates than other platforms.

To interact with your customers more effectively, increase your activity on Instagram, not larger social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.…

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By Pete Prestipino, from ‘Net Features http://bit.ly/1jbeuDD

Google Analytics has changed the terminology used within its reporting system, changing “visits” to “sessions” and “unique visitors” to “users.”

The relatively small change, which has been introduced within the past 24 hours, is an important one as it emphasizes the quality of a user’s experience in a cross-device ecosystem.…

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