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By Stephen Kenwright, from Search Engine Watch – http://bit.ly/1yc36RX

I’ve written more press releases in 2014 than any year since Google rolled out the first Penguin algorithm update – but I haven’t used a press release site. Not because they don’t still work (I’ll take other marketers at their word that they do), but because I can get better results contacting journalists directly.…

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By Pete Prestipino, from ‘Net Features http://bit.ly/1jbeuDD

Google Analytics has changed the terminology used within its reporting system, changing “visits” to “sessions” and “unique visitors” to “users.”

The relatively small change, which has been introduced within the past 24 hours, is an important one as it emphasizes the quality of a user’s experience in a cross-device ecosystem.…

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By Korah Morrison, from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1lML7v6

It is hard to sum up the perfect search engine optimization (SEO) tactics for every website or Web page, and that is mainly because, for the average website owner, it takes quite a bit of education and experience to get his or her pages up to the standards that search engines have today.…

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