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By Daniel Scocco, from Daily Blog Tips – http://bit.ly/1sIGynX

Once in a while I like to recommend resources and posts from around the web. I believe this helps to expand the community around the site (as the bloggers I mention usually become readers themselves), and it also enriches the content, as you get to read stuff from other people and from different perspectives.…

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By Rachel Sprung, from Inbound Hub | Marketing – http://bit.ly/1qJPGIX

The hardest part of starting a blog is writing all of the content, right?

Not necessarily.

Before you even begin brainstorming topics and creating content, there’s some work to do to get your blog set up and running — the design, settings, comments, social sharing buttons, etc.…

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By David Masters, from Tuts+ Business – http://bit.ly/1xptZnf

Anyone who writes as part of their job—whether that’s emails, web copy or reports—has at one time sat in front of their computer and wondered “what should I write about?”

At best, this question will spark ideas and you’ll find words pouring from your fingertips.…

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By Gabbie Keegan, from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1nyRgOo

Most writers have to produce content every day, even when they are tired, maybe even sick or uninspired. It can be even more difficult for Internet professionals – who aren’t writers necessarily by trade – to generate content that is click and share worthy, but fierce competition requires them to try.…

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