Tag: Content audit

By Christopher Phin, from Creative Bloq – http://bit.ly/1FjHaao

In typography, as in grammar, there is no objective ‘right’ way to do things; there are just conventions, and these conventions change over time. And what’s more, while we could argue that the examples we’re about to give are indeed mistakes – that is, things that are wrong – it’s also true that there are often technical or style reasons to make them deliberately; we do on Creative Bloq all the time.…

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By Damien Farnworth, from Copyblogger – http://bit.ly/1Dv5IKU

One of the first steps to creating adaptive content is becoming aware of the content you already have. This is why you’re encourage to audit your site regularly.

But before you dive into a full-blown comprehensive content audit, it might be possible to make your job a little easier by first dealing with all of the expired content.…

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By Sarah Brooks, from BloggingPro – http://bit.ly/1iZ6wCV

Obviously, social media is an important and effective way to promote your blog and/or business. However, it is important to use these resources to your benefit, rather than your detriment. You spend enough time working on your blog to keep it fresh and full of new and useful posts, so you want your promotional efforts to have an impact, without requiring an unreasonable time commitment.…

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