By Amanda Walgrove, from The Content Strategist –

LinkedIn is now promoting itself as “The Definitive Professional Publishing Platform“—and it’s way more than false bravado.

With 277 million users on the platform, LinkedIn is making a serious investment in new features that give brands the tools to emerge as thought leaders in their fields.…

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By Amberly Dressler, from ‘Net Features –

The Web is full of myths. Some of these beliefs are simply outdated or were never true to begin with.

Campaigner, the email marketing brand of j2 Global, Inc., enlisted their experts to identify, analyze and label common myths as “busted, plausible, or confirmed,” and are pulling back the curtain to unveil the truth behind industry “best practices.”…

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Ali Luke, from @ProBlogger –

Have you ever glanced at a post the day after publishing it … only to notice a glaring error?

In an ideal world, you’d have a professional editor helping with your posts, making careful adjustments and double-checking things with you until your post is the polished masterpiece it deserves to be.…

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by Helga Moreno, from Onextrapixel – Web Design and Development Online Magazine –

Do you know the proverb: “Plenty is no plague”? How is it connected to today’s topic? The author begs your pardon for her passion for proverbs, idioms and metaphors, but some of them contain the quintessence of human intelligence and, as you know, “wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”.…

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BY Abigail Tracy, from –

According to a new report, branded content on the photo-sharing service yields greater user-engagement rates than other platforms.

To interact with your customers more effectively, increase your activity on Instagram, not larger social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.…

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