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By Andrew McDermott, from Copyblogger – http://bit.ly/18QHF1c

Throughout your journey to overcome online obscurity, you produce a lot of content.

Content marketing is about making a connection with your audience and building relationships. Since you invest time and effort into your writing, you want to see tangible results.…

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By Jeffrey Vocell, from Inbound Hub | Marketing – http://bit.ly/1EVLXNu

We’re now encountering more personalized experiences than ever before. Before, it was just your favorite coffee shop barista who greeted you by name. Now, your News Feed is customized to your interests and behavior, your online purchases are largely influence by what Amazon’s algorithm think you’d like, and you can’t open up an email without it saying, “Hi [First Name].”…

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By Shlomo Goltz, from Smashing Magazine – http://bit.ly/1vkWFxC

In my experience as an interaction designer, I have come across many strategies and approaches to increase the quality and consistency of my work, but none more effective than the persona. Personas have been in use since the mid-’90s and since then have gained widespread awareness within the design community.…

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