Author: Len Marshall

These are challenging times.  Sitting around and waiting to see what happens will only set you back further!

Start by updating your LinkedIn Profile with a free custom banner design.

Complete this form to your best ability to apply for a free banner design.…

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I’ve reviewed hundreds of LinkedIn profiles.

When I review a LinkedIn profile, however, I look through the lens of my experience optimizing LinkedIn profiles to generate leads and sales opportunities from LinkedIn for business-to-business companies.

Chances are pretty good that your LinkedIn profile is one that’s been filled in using the LinkedIn profile wizard, essentially making it little more than an online resume.…

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Many business websites have important documentation for visitors to download.  These might be annual reports for corporations, financial reports for non-profit groups, application and intake forms for hospitals, or print documents for trade printers and photographers.

Whatever the type of file (PDF, zip, tiff…) it’s almost guaranteed to have a large file size.  …

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For most businesses and organizations, the thought of a website redesign can be both exciting and daunting.  It often takes a lot of time and money.  It also brings out a lot of stress and tension.

A website redesign wouldn’t be so complicated and stressful for everyone – the client, the designers and developers, the decision-makers and other invested team members – if you start off with a little bit of preparation and planning.…

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