By Derek S, from ‘Net Features –

Social media provides businesses with virtually limitless opportunities to communicate with consumers.

In order to succeed at social media it is crucial that businesses use them to their full potential and take advantage of the features they provide them with, like Facebook’s landing pages.

Lander, a landing page creation platform, has announced the launch of a new integration with Facebook that enables users to create their own Facebook landing page or Facebook tabs without any HTML coding themselves.

Facebook landing pages offer businesses another way to communicate with their consumers and more importantly another way for consumers to interact with them. Lander’s new integration allows businesses to create landing pages in four steps: integrate your account with Facebook, select your fan page, write your Facebook tab title and upload your thumb image and finally publish it.

Through their visual editor, businesses can create landing pages without any coding knowledge, just drag and drop. Businesses can also A/B test up to three different versions of their landing pages to see which one is resonating best with their consumers.

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