By Allison Howen, from ‘Net Features –

When it comes to marketing to millennials, brands need to keep one word in mind – consistency.

SDL released the final report of its “Five Truths for Future Marketers” series that features results from SDL’s global survey of more than 1,800 millennials between the ages of 18 to 36. The data shows that millennials want a smooth experience across marketing channels, with 58 percent of respondents expecting to engage with a company whenever and on whatever channel they choose, and 60 percent of respondents saying they expect a consistent experience from brands whether they interact online, in store or via phone.

The study also shed light on millennials’ tendency to stay connected, with data showing that millennials touch their smartphones 43 times per day, and 30 percent of respondents admitting to interacting with more than four devices in a 24-hour period.

“Consumers have drastically changed the way they engage and interact with companies, altering expectations and making it imperative for brands to quickly adapt,” said Paige O’Neill, chief marketing officer at SDL. “To keep pace, marketers should focus on the experiences customers want throughout the customer journey, and adjust company strategies to coincide. If you change the way you engage customers on one channel, it may only be one step in an overall strategy. It is vital for organizations to ensure channels are so connected that they become irrelevant, placing the focus on delivering true omnichannel engagement.”

Learn more about millennial data by checking out SDL’s infographic below:

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