by Allison Howen, from ‘Net Features

Chirpify introduced #Actiontags back in September as a way for brands to drive cross-channel conversions. Now, the company is shedding light on the performance of #Actiontags, as well as expanding the functionality to TV.

With the new functionality, consumers have the ability to respond to “activated hashtags” that they see on TV. Consumers can post the #Actiontag to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to instantly purchase products or respond to campaigns. For example, consumers could tweet #testdrive in response to a car commercial, which would enable them to schedule a test drive time with the advertiser.

“We’ve added a ‘yes’ button to traditional media. Never before has TV been activated as a two-way form of communication where consumers can respond immediately and get something in return, based on a hashtag they saw on TV,” said Chirpify CEO Chris Teso. “By using hashtags as the glue to connect traditional and social media, suddenly consumers can digitally raise their hand and start a direct customer relationship with a brand they value.”

Aside from TV ads, marketers can leverage #Actiontags in other marketing campaigns. Plus, the activated hashtags can be used for a variety of initiatives, including as a way to enable consumers to make purchases, enter a contest, make a donation or subscribe to a newsletter. From November 2013 to January 2014, Chirpify reveals that more than 300,000 social consumers used #Actiontags. Top brands that have leveraged this functionality include adidas, AT&T, Forever 21 and Sprint.

Other Chirpify insights reveal that 60 percent of consumers responding to #Actiontags are doing so from their mobile devices, with 65 percent of those consumers leveraging an iOS device and 34 percent using Android. Chirpify also found that 65 percent of consumers who use an #Actiontag go on to complete the conversion action. Moreover, data shows that #Actiontags amplify a brand’s message. For example, in just 90 days #Actiontags drove 50 million earned media impressions and reached more than 25 million social accounts. In fact, Chirpify found that one brand added 20,000 Twitter followers in less than one week during an #Actiontag campaign.

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