By Ginny Soskey, from Inbound Hub –

Some people think email is dead. They say that it’s become so cluttered and spammy that it should be swapped in favor for newer, flashier ways of communicating.

Well, hate to break it to you, but those folks are wrong. And I’ve got a SlideShare presentation to back me up.

Michael Barber, VP of Strategy at COHN, Inc. put together the presentation below on the email trends, tools, and tactics you should know this year. I won’t steal all of Michael’s thunder, but he’ll explain why the platform is thriving and give you a new way of looking at email strategies by using McKinsey’s framework for the new four P’s

If you’re looking to give your email marketing an overhaul or just tweak it slightly to perform better this year (and beyond), flip through the slides below. You’ll also get some examples of brands who are currently rocking this framework in their email marketing strategies.

So go on, get inspired and informed on the latest and greatest in email marketing.

Have you tried following the “new” four P’s in your email marketing? How’s it worked for you? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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